001: What Is Mysticism?

On today’s episode we’re going to define mysticism, how I found my way into a mystical practice and if you stick around until the end of the episode I’ll show some things you can do on your own to start deepening your universe and get more in touch with your ability to experience the world in a mystical way.

What is Mysticism?

Mysticism has been defined a number of ways. Is it the same thing as spirituality or religion?  Many people have a negative connotation of the word thinking of as trickery or charlatanism or magic and that’s a bummer.  There’s a lot of misinformation related to mysticism so let’s visit the Wikipedia definition.

Mysticism is popularly known as becoming one with God or the Absolute, but may refer to any kind of ecstasy or altered state of consciousness which is given a religious or spiritual meaning.  It may also refer to the attainment of insight in ultimate or hidden truths, and to human transformation supported by various practices and experiences.

Mysticism often points back to knowledge that we once had and maybe have lost.  The key that we’re going to point in today is the human transformation.

What is the difference between mysticism, shamanism, spiritualism and religion?

  • Shamanism - Specific to a cultural ceremonial practice that is earthbound.  Usually involves some sort of mind-altering practice (sweat lodges, fasting, peyote, ahuaska).  A practicitioner based on ancient knowledge that involves some sacrament of some sort.

  • Spiritualism - Blanket term used largely as a non denominational outlook into your reality.  Spiritualism may involve the belief in ascended masters, other worldly or earthbound monotheistic/pagan attachment.

You can have mystical experiences without religion, you can have shamanistic experiences without religion, you can have a religious experiences without mysticism.  They are overlapping and all of these include human transformation supported by various practices and experiences.

Mystical practices & experiences

Sufism and the whirling dervishes is a way to get into an altered state of consciousness that puts them in touch with their god sense inside of them.

Prayer is another way to get in touch. Mysticism almost always includes some form of connectedness with celestial bodies and understanding our connection to the stars.

Hermeticism makes use of the phrases “As above so below” and “As within, so without” - The connectedness to logos or source or godhead or universe, cosmic spirit.  The interconnectedness of what is up is also down and what is down is also up illustrates the observance of the connectedness to other realms and celestial bodies.

A mystical experience is one where you understand the interconnectedness of all things.

I have experienced states of consciosuness both chemically induced and not (astral projection, sublime meditative state, float tank, deep collaboration) that have shown me enough to believe that ‘I’ve been here before and I will be coming back again’.

Why are we here?

Yogic texts dharma so you can earn karma so you can mediate into total samati or connectiveness with the word.

We have nonphysical forms and dimensions that we can help other people grow.

My guides have made it clear to me that it is my job on this journey to guide others into a more connected state.

Elevating Your Consciousness

I recently answered a question on another podcast about how one could elevate their own consciousnesses.  I could hardly believe what came out of my mouth.

I answered ‘Fasting’

Don’t get me wrong, fasting is super effective. There’s a reason why the nostics fasted.  There’s a reason why Muslims fast during Ramadan and Christians have a fasting period as well.  I’ve observed Ramadan a couple of times in support of the people in my life and no surprise… it’s reaaaally hard.

Fasting gives clarity, connectedness and perspective.  I believe that’s something that all of us should try; to be tolerant of being uncomfortable, being comfortable being uncomfortable.

But hindsight in 2020, I would answer with breath.


There is nothing more powerful than being connected to your breath.  When we breathe deeply we alkalize our body, get oxygen into the brain, are more grounded and connected and are more capable of reaching altered states of consciousness.

I’ll even shared one of my favorite breaths with you.

The Cleansing Breath

You can do this any time you want to.  This is an excellent way to clear out the bad stuff and get more good stuff in.  “With every in breath say in”, “With every out breath you say ‘Release’.”.

With every in breath, you’re going to picture the air coming in through your nostrils as fresh clean clear light entering your body from the heavens and stars to fill you up with light and love and truth.  “As above, so below.”.

With every exhale you say release in your head, you breathe out the yucky stuff.  Black stuff, toxins, pain, anxiety, anger.  Literally picture the air coming out of your mouth as a sooty smokestack.  Breath that no longer serves you.


Picture energy (life force, piss’n’vinegar, chi, whatever it is that you have) moving up and down your body.  This is an inner alchemical way we can take control of our own energetic body.

Picture the highest concentration of energy at the tips of your toes.  Close your eyes and feel the tips of your toes.  Once you put the attention to your toes, and like your body is a cup being filled with water, it will fille your toes, then your soles, ankles, shins and ascend up your body.

All anything is is energy.  Everything is moving all the time although we can’t see it.  So when we can control and move our energy around, we can have an influence on the way that the body’s energy flows, you’re quite litearlly changing the nature of your mind-body connection.

You are making a deeper and stronger connection with your mind and your body.

Take Observance of the New Moon

It’s a good idea to set intentions on New Moons.  Set your intention on your New Moon and send out into the universe what you want.  See them come full circle and reap your rewards on a Full Moon.

You should feel confident writing down what you want.  Because if you never state what you want, if you just keep what you want up in your head or in your heart and you don’t tell anyone about it then HOW will it ever come true?

Episode Outline

  • Intro [0:20]

  • What is mysticism? [1:00]

  • How did I find my way into mystic practices? [4:03]

  • What is the difference between mysticism, shamanism, spiritualism and religion? [7:55]

  • Mystical practices & experiences [11:05]

  • Famous mystics [18:00]

  • Why are we here? [20:27]

  • My spirit guides [24:50]

  • Altered states, astonishment and deepening the experience. [29:00]

  • Your highest self [33:30]

  • How can I elevate my consciousness? [36:05]

  • The Cleansing Breath [39:50]

  • VELO to Improve Your Life [44:25]

  • Set Your Intentions on the New Moon [49:20]

  • Signing Off [52:52]

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