002: Mysticism vs Spiritualism, My First Float, and Experiencing The Mystic

On today’s episode, we will unpack the difference between mysticism and spirituality.  We’ll also get into some of the various practices and experiences that you can use to get into a mystical state  After I will share some methods you can do on your own that will help you deepen your innerverse so you can open that crown chakra on your head.

The Importance of Mysticism

We’re talking about the meat and potatoes of the human experience.  In western culture, we are really good at working and being stressed out.  We’ve perfected, glorified and put grinding and working hard and gettin’r’done on a pedestal.

And there’s no problem with hard work.  Hard work is a nice balance between meditating under a tree and doing some hard labor.  Working hard and providing for your family is of utmost importance to me as the owner of 2 Float centers.

The Importance of Depth.

We’re gonna dive deeply into the most important things we can get into.

  • What happens when we die?

  • What are dream states about?

  • Altered states of consciousness.

We’re living in concrete boxes cooking ourselves in WiFi signals, connected to our cell phones with push notifications, alerts, deadlines and all of that.  The ancients were connected.  They were connected to each other through deep meaningful relationships.  They were more connected with the earth.  And they were more in tune with subtle energy.

Subtle Energy

Subtle energy can range from a first impression you get, subtle intelligence like your spirit guides, or even what it feels like to hug a tree!  If you’ve never hugged a tree, go ground down, kick your shoes off, and connect with nature in a meaningful way.  

Getting into nature away from light pollution and noise will give you that subtle energetic impression.  You hear the birds more clearly, you feel at ease, your shoulders relax down and back a bit, because your living in the vibration of nature.

Mysticism vs Spiritualism


My mother is spiritual.  She used to talk to me about The Force.  As an early gen-y guy, I grew up with the original Star Wars and she made an impression on me that there was such a thing.

We also went to a non denominational church where we talked about The Bible and God.  It was hard for me to wrap my brain around the creation of earth but I had both sides in my life.  The coolest parts of religion to me were the mystical portions.

The flood myth (which is part of every major religion) and those sorts of myth are connected back to an ancient knowledge that we’ve gotten away from.  The dove, the cross, the magic that comes with religion.

Within every religion, there is a mystical element.  Indigenous religions, tribal cultures, paganism.  Mysticism is found in shamanism.  Abrahamic faiths and eastern religions all have mystical ties.

As you fast forward to new-age religions and movements, you understand that there is an underlying theme of knowledge that is below the surface.  A knowledge that is centered in our spirit and that is within us.

The knowledge that we are all tied together, you are me and i am you and we are one.  This concept that we are not separated, that we are all tied together is an important part of mysticism.


Spirituality is a broadly used term.  Spirituality can mean a lot of different things.  Spirituality is more broadly thought of as a process.  Connecting to god, connecting to sacred texts and spirituality is a part of religion the same way mysticism is included in religion.  That sort of sacred knowledge that these religions have is baked into this narrative.

Mysticism is a non denominational, all inclusive connection with divinity.

Ways You Can Experience Mysticism


Thank the gods meditation is getting a ton of attention these days.  I recently did a workship called “Maximizing Your Mental ROI”.  How do people deepen their mental states to optimize for their success and get the most out of their mind  You’re probably not surprised to know the richest people you can think of meditate.  Think Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, etc.

When you meditate you are quieting your mind; you're doing bicep curls for your brain.  The point of returning back to your breath or your mantra to make themselves better.  To make themselves stronger mentally.  Our original reptile brain (the amygdala) only wants to survive.  Survive, make babies, don’t die.

Meditation takes us out of that reptile brain and into our prefrontal cortex that allows us to emote and think clearly, and emote, and have language and do all the things that make us divine beings of light love and truth.

When you meditate, you are able to control and manage your emotions and is the most easily accessible to deepen your human experience.  You can manage your life because you are in control of your mental state.

Praying is about talking.  Praying is about asking for what you need.  Asking the wood gnomes and your ancestors or God or whoever else for guidance is talking .   

Meditation is listening.  When you meditate and allow what is to be, when you allow in the resonance of the universe, when you allow in your own intuition, when you allow in connection with your spirit guides, when you allow in contact from ascended masters, you are listening.

Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Floating is the most effective way to improve yourself.  I have over 550 hours of being in the float tank.  I have been naked, suspended in 1000 pounds of epsom salt water in the dark and I have experienced all sorts of states of consciosuness.

Floating can get you to states of consciousness that are pure, unaided, real, and very connected with your spirit.  Jump to 26:20 to hear about my first floating experience where I had an out of body experience!

Do a Session with a Medium

Her thing was to connect with guides and elevated consciousness and inform our reality.  She gets input like a bunch of people talking to her and she takes the most clear voice and then speaks through her voice.  I will go through this in coaching sessions where I ask about a situation that may not being spoken about and .

She was right about both of my kids.

Mystical Tools

The tarot.  I’m sure when I say Tarot cards people think that it’s dark magic stuff but the cards themselves are not dark.  Pentagrams, crystals.  Crystals are incredible.  They are a type of intelligence.  They have information stored in them, they resonate in a certain way, and that’s why we use quartz and silica in our cell phones.  We’ll be doing a whole episode on crystals for sure.

Experience the Mystic: Guided Practice

I bring you through one of my favorite ways to get in touch with the mystic.  Skip to 52:00 in to hear the full guided reading!

Episode Outline

  • Intro [0:20]

  • The importance of mysticism [2:18]

  • The Importance of depth? [4:03]

  • Subtle Energy [6:30]

  • Mysticism vs Spiritualism [8:00]

  • Ways You Can Experience Mysticism [17:35]

  • Floating [25:00]

  • My First Float Experience [26:20]

  • Do a Session with a Medium [41:30]

  • Mystical Tools [47:25]

  • Experience the Mystic: Guided Practice [52:00]

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