004: Why a Podcast, Mac?

Why would I want to jump into podcasting?  

The quick answer is I want to present my side of things.  I want to help people.  I want to give my insights in what I’ve learned in my 34 years that may help people elevate their consciousness, deepen their spirituality and learn something they didn’t know before.

Mystic Mac’s Podcast List

You can tell alot about a person based on the podcasts they listen to.  The full list of Podcasts that I listen to are listed in the Links and Resources section, in order of the most recently added.

I have learned so much from podcasts.  I’ve listened to so much free content over the last 6-7 years and have bought books when my favorite podcasters release them that I want to play my part.

Thank goodness for Pateron.  Patreon makes it easy for you to donate to the shows that you listen to be able to give in a very real way and it’s a very awesome service that I use to support my podcast.  Mine will be coming soon!

Why I Podcast

I want to contribute and I want to give back.  I have learned a lot in my experience as a business owner, a dad, psychedelic work, meditation and also be spiritual practice.  I have information to share.

I want to help activate people.  I want to help educate people.  I want to help elevate people. The Mystic Mac podcast is meant to shed some light on topics that are on the underbelly of culture.

Mainstream culture does a really effective job at marginalizing things towards the fringe and out of convention.  It’s all the underbelly and fringe stuff and the topics in the periphery that we’ll be digging into (like the pyramids as devices for soul travel, ancient civilizations, alternative therapy,etc.) and I want to help educate you on some of the things that I’ve learned.

I don’t have all the answers.  But I do a lot of research and do a lot of thoughts on this stuff. So if I can help educate you guys with this podcast that will live on until the sun burns us up, that’s my goal.

We all need a little bit of activation.

We’re gonna touch on everything from meditation, to astral projection practices to interviews. Hopefully this activates something inside of you.  Your “third eye”.  Your “higher self”.  I hope it urges you to seek out more information and to follow Alice down the rabbit hole.

This is meant to chronicle my journey to helping lead people in a very real way.  To help activate people and give them a sense of significance.  We’re all looking for some significance and it starts inside of you.  

I have hopes and dreams to grow an empire of other people like retreat centers, communities, hemp farms, float centers and have places where they can really grow and get guidance and some real things.

I want to be a person that helps bring in this consciousness revolution.  I really believe we’re at the tip of it. We’re really starting to turn a corner where there are so many people waking up, activating themselves, asking good questions, challenging the status quo, creating their own thing. [20:41]

Influencer marketing phenomenon is just beginning.  Individuals are getting other positive attention and are able to influence people based on an advanced version of word of mouth advertising.


Throughout my time practicing to be a life coach, there are a couple of phrases that I advise to be used often.  Two guiding principles and questions you can ask at any point.

“Does this serve my highest purpose?”

Asking yourself in any situation where you’re confused and don’t know what to do: “Does this serve my highest purpose?”  Even if you aren’t crystal clear on what you’re highest purpose is, you still have an idea of if you do this thing will it be good or bad for you.  You can use this whether you’re deciding whether or not you’re going to the gym, flip someone off, be passive aggressive with your significant other.  99% of the time you’re gonna get the correct answer immediately.

“Ask for what you need and give what you can.”

This is extremely important in relationships.  There are people that we just don’t get along with.  We’re just different people.  But if you’re clear on what you need and if you’re clear about giving what you can, things become a lot less sticky.  If people don’t know what you need from them, how will they give it to you?  

If you need tighter deadlines to do your job, ask for those.  Don’t just wallow or gossip or bring yourself stress, communicate to the people within your organization that you need tighter deadlines to do your job.  Do you need a little bit of space from your lover?  Do you need more vacation?  To go for a walk?  Ask for what you need.

Give what you can.  Don’t give so much that you lose track of yourself.  Where you’re overextending.  Give what you can within reason.  Give of yourself as far as you can manageably.  You can think about this in a lot of different contexts.

Guided Meditations

**TEASER ALERT**  I do guided meditations for my clients to help them deal with stress, motivation etc.  When I do these guided meditation/visualization/relaxation techniques it’s really effective.  I have gotten such good feedback that I’m going to release my own series.  They will be structured really well and will be very easy to digest.  I hope that not only will you reference this podcast later, I hope you use and reference the meditations that are coming down the pipeline.

Icaro Demonstration (Conclusion)

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