006: More Than Astrology with Gemini Brett

Brett and I met at a book reading by modern Sufi mystic, Jonathan Talat Phillips who wrote a book called the Electric Jesus where he talks about awakening that he had the experience where he had to bring in and met amazing people and took just the right amount of psychedelics to have this greater opening into the universe. It was during 2010-2011, when I went for the book reading by Jonathan that Brett and I got into the conversation after the reading and we connected.

People these days are more about holding space; Brett want to be more about beholding space. He’s a student of the sky and the earth and their marriage. His practice is in astrology and he does consultations and teachings. But mostly he is inspired to travel around and connect to these ancient sites and contemplate how they work. Tracing back to the ancient times and trying to keep the intuition open while he is also doing research. But a lot of what he teaches is around the quadrivium.

Astrology is the highest of the lower sciences and above astrology it’s hard to say but maybe prayer and abundance and grace or love is at the top. Before you gain access to the temple of Astrology you will study the first trivium like grammar and rhetoric and logic but then you can gain access to, what they call the quadrivium which is the secret sciences of number.

The sacred science of number is expressed through arithmetic (number in nature), sacred geometry (number in space), musical harmony (number in time), and astronomy (number in space AND time).  According to Brett, we've lost a lot of connection to the scentient embodied experiental side to astrology.  It's often the case that it's now a really mental game and in the purely intuitive and psychic realms.  There's something to be said for seeing the world like a plant.

Astrology is the secret science and it is the poetic breath of nature.  A Mystic is one who chooses to look beyond the veil.  Certainly, most true, that which is below is like that which is above and which is above is like that which is below to accomplish the mirror goals is the one and only thing.

Astrology is too often used as a way out… Astrology should be a way in. Part of claiming that connection to the all is by taking responsibility for our creation. I think in the mystic path one ingredient that we see is pretty much uniform and in everyone- you and nick - is at the time of isolation.

The trick of the thing is that the magic wand is in your hand the whole time, so everything is your life- with in, without- from 9/11 to Fukushima are part of you and your creation.

The important thing is this- any fool can count the number of seeds in an apple not the wisest being can count the number of apples in a seed.

Here you are earthling on earth and in that moment of your birth or in this moment when you are speaking now, the planets are surrounding us in a very specific geometry and I like to think of them musically and there is a good reason to and as if each of these planets has an instrument or a tone and they are like playing the note of the sign on which they reside and so together they surround the earth and they play the gem of the moment now.

If we all stand up right now and whatever the now is for you and reach our hands towards the heaven, we are all pointing at a different place… because the Earth is spinning and the heavens are spinning above us. If you drew a cord down through our spine into the centre of the earth, we will all meet in space and in time, in the heart of Gaya, that is this one place where all beings of this planet connect.

Astrology and Astronomy used to be one and the same and it was not too long ago, actually astronomy is half of astrology. Astrology is not just measurement of the movement, and the sizes of the planets, and the nature of the things but then it’s how those planets are energetically playing with one another and then with earth and she with us. These days’ astrologers are only doing their correspondence piece.

Astrology for Brett is not just reading these charts looking down and speaking this weird language, its remembering that, that chart is just a model of the actually reality happening.

The real way of learning is to engage- If you want to learn East, go sit East and watch east…Sunsets and just go over there and watch it for 4 or 5 hours. My practice is East, I am Brett. I give myself to you, will you please give me yourself tonight? I am your student.