007: The Astral Projection Podcast

This is a follow-up to a presentation I made at Float Seattle. I walked the audience through some of my experiences in the astral plane, and how I used the float tanks to enhance my potential to project into the astral. It was my goal to provide people with the mentality and techniques that they could immediately use to project with recall while they sleep.

Hello, World!

On this episode I delve into one of my most favorite mystical topics - Astral Projection. 

DISCLAIMER: Don't believe a word I say in this episode. Honestly, do NOT take my word for it. This type of practice is not be taken at face value. 

This content falls into the category of - you have to experience it for yourself. I know it's out there. It's out of body! But it takes a massive amount of practice, will and dedication to it.

I can tell you that over the course of about a year and a half, I practiced this technique all day every day, so that I would be able to project out of body with lucidity and recall. 

The key resource for this practice comes from the book "Demystifying the Out Of Body Experience" by the author Luis Minero.

I studied this text diligently and did exactly as the book instructed - so I owe all of these experiences to what I learned in that book. 

Here's what you'll learn in this episode:

• How you can develop the ability to take in energy from your environment, charge it up within your body and send it back out to the environment around you

• How you can work with your chakras in order to work with these energies

• What to do during the day in order to prepare yourself for projecting out of body at night

• What is the silver chord

• A few of my experiences in the astral plane